Social Media Tools for Work & Promotion

Social media tools used in the process of social networking is useful to self-promotion and self-marketing. Professionals use these social media tools to calculate the information related to their business production and they can exchange the information using the social media, also they can cooperate with others through it. In many businesses, they introduce these social media tools to their business. They share their professional productions, advertisement and any other included things with others here, like Facebook, Linkedin and so on. Some of these company would like to use these media tools to feedback the candicates. Knowing the background or the friend relationship is useful to be one of the most important components to weigh and consider the future employee.

1. Feedly is a great way to organize content from all of your favorite sources on the web, and then share that content with your social connections and the competitors.

2. Buffer is the most smartest way to share on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. It is the most important task to stand out through social media after finding great content is to share it intelligently, at the best time to your social networks of choice. Actually, I use Buffer to schedule my centent, share great article and links with my works, play and even traveling places.

3. Bottlenose ultimates intelligence for your social networks. It is one of the most powerful social media tools which hooks into any social network you connect to and then gives you intelligent, real-time insights about what is going on.

4. Nimble nutures your relationships and get sales. Nimble is a relationship manager. Through it you can bulid a large network of people whom you connect with, but there is likely to be a similar group of key people who are potential advocates, influncers or customers for your product or service. Using it as part of an effective social media plan can result in more sales and grow your business in the process of management.

5. NeedTagger is using to find potential business opportunities through Twitter. NeedTagger is a search engine for Twitter. Twitter can be a great source of potential business for your products or services, but it is hard to find relevant information. Through NeedTagger, you can easy find leads for your business, questions on your competitors, prodection produced problems to ensure the sales go ahead and much more.


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